Pet Dentistry

Dentistry (teeth cleaning) is extremely important to keep your pet healthy! It’s incredible but 75-80% of your pet’s heart, kidney, and liver disease can begin with teeth tartar and gum disease.

If your pet’s teeth and gums are not properly cleaned, bacteria will get into the blood stream and make your pet very sick, causing organ failure and possibly even death. A minimum of an annual professional teeth cleaning helps your pet’s teeth and gums stay healthy and keep your pet free of disease and pain!

We also provide Periodontal, Endodontic, and Orthodontic dental procedures, root canals and crowns for broken teeth, gingivectomies for severe gum disease, correcting misplaced teeth with orthodontic techniques, oral tumors, fractured jaw bone splinting, and full dental x-ray scans.

Signs of gum disease:

•Bad breath
•Red inflamed gums or red line under teeth
•Hard yellow-tan tartar on teeth
•Missing or loose teeth
•Loss of appetite
•Generalized infections and sinus infections
•Pain in gums or teeth
•Mouth sores and ulcers or bleeding gums
•Low immune resistance
•Broken jaw
•Stomatitis (severe mouth infection)

We also carry a variety of foods, treats, toothpastes and other products that will help keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy! Call us today to schedule a professional teeth cleaning for your pet!

See the video below on how to brush your dog’s teeth.