Internal Parasite Control

Internal parasites can cause serious illness or even death if untreated. Some parasites are zoonotic (they can infect people too).

Internal Parasites:
1. Heartworms
2. Tapeworms
3. Roundworms
4. Whipworms
5. Hookworms

The products we carry to control these parasitic infestations in your pet include:
Dog- Iverhart (a monthly chewable pill to prevent heartworms), Proheart (a 6-month injection to prevent heartworms), and Drontal Plus (an intestinal dewormer)
Cat- Heartgard (a monthly chewable pill to prevent heartworms), Advantage Multi (a monthly topical applicant to prevent heartworms and fleas), and Profender (a topical intestinal dewormer)

Twice yearly, a fecal parasite microscopic exam needs to be performed to make sure no intestinal parasitic infections exist. There are other intestinal parasites not mentioned above that can infect your pet and even you. These parasites do have treatments so keeping your pet checked is very important to keep your pet and even yourself free of pet parasites. In addition, since some parasites are difficult to find their eggs on examination, we highly recommend at least twice yearly de-worming medication be administered by us here at Creedmoor Road Animal Hospital.