Nutritional Supplements

Joint Support

Glucosamine Sulfate: Glucosamine is an amino sugar and one of the vital building blocks for glycosaminoglycans which promote the health of synovial or joint fluid.  Glucosamine therefore is involved in the formation of tendons, skin, bones and ligaments.  It also helps to protect mucous secretions in the respiratory and more importantly the urinary tract.  Glucosamine has been proven to build cartilage in over 300 different studies.  This is a great first-line supplement for osteoarthritis.  At Creedmoor Road Animal Hospital, we use various forms of Glucosamine to meet your pet’s individual needs.



Anti-inflammatory Support

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: This is one of our very favorite supplements because it has so many beneficial effects in the body.  The most important of the omega 3 essential fatty acids is eicosapentanoic acid.  EPA has very potent anti-inflammatory effects when used at a high dose.  This can be useful in the treatment of osteoarthritis, allergies, and any condition in the body which causes inflammation such as inflammatory bowel disease.  The Fish Oil we sell is correctly dosed for your pet and is very cost effective.  Fish oil is very safe when used at correct dosages.

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Liver Support

Liver Support: As they age, many of our patients may develop elevated liver enzymes for various reasons.  It is also common for older pets to be taking medications known to have the side effect of elevated liver enzymes.  Because we see elevated liver enzymes so commonly, we have several dietary supplements that we use to support liver health.



Immune Support

CAS Options: This supplement is a combination of Reishi and Shiitake mushrooms both of which have been shown in many studies to support the immune system and have anti-cancer properties.  We use this anytime we want general immune support or as an adjunct to other cancer treatments.



DMG: DMG is an immune supportive agent we use frequently that enhances both humoral immunity and cell mediated immunity.  This is a great supplement for cats with chronic respiratory disease.

Lysine Chews: Cats with chronic respiratory disease often benefit tremendously with the use of lysine.  In the body lysine (an amino acid) suppresses arginine which acts as a natural food source for viruses.  This in turn suppresses viruses naturally.

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Cardiovascular Support

Co-enzyme Q10: This compound gives the heart the energy it needs to circulate blood.  In aging pets, the amount of Co-Q10 found in the body starts to wane.  Therefore, supplementing this important enzyme can lead to improved cardiovascular health.  It has also been shown to promote healthy gums and many of our patients with gingivitis use it regularly.


Muscle & Gastrointestinal Support

Glutamine: This amino acid is one of the most important building blocks of new and healthy muscle.  It is therefore used quite a bit in our patients with osteoarthritis once muscle atrophy starts to become a problem.  It can also be beneficial for our patients with GI disease because it is an important food source for intestinal villi.  This can be useful in inflammatory conditions of the gut.


Kidney Support

Azodyl: One of our greatest dietary supplements. Azodyl is a panacea for older cats with chronic kidney disease.  This is a probiotic that lyses urea naturally in the gut and helps keep kidney enzymes lower.  Overall it helps the patient feel better and have a improved quality of life.  We have used this supplement quite awhile with a lot of success. 


Anxiety Support

Solliquin: For the pet with low level anxiety, Solliquin helps take the edge off.  This is a product containing L-Theanine and other herbs that naturally help the brain calm down with no untoward side effects for the patient.  It is great to use while your pet boards with us.  We also provide classical music for the patients and dog appeasing pheromone for the dogs and feline appeasing pheromone for the cats. A product containing L-Theanine and other herbs.



These are just a few of the supplements that we employ to help your pet feel their best.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve the life of our patients, so if you have any questions about these supplements or others, please let us know.