Behavior Problems commonly disrupt the pet-owner bond. Most behavior problems can be prevented with proper training and socialization at an early age.

Commonly seen behavior problems include:
House Soiling
Puppy/Kitten Issues (such as puppy biting)
Separation Anxiety
Noise Phobias
Cognitive Dysfunction

Our veterinarians are members of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and are trained to diagnose and treat most common canine and feline behavior problems.

Treatments plans are individualized to your pet’s specific issues and will likely include one or all of the following components:
Nutritional Supplements
Environmental Management
Behavioral Modification

We want you to have a long and happy relationship with your pet. This begins with proper kitten and puppy training and socialization. We will speak with you at length during your kitten and puppies visits, but please make us aware of any concerns you may have so we can address these early on as behavior problems are best managed at the first sign of a problem. So if your pet starts showing a problem, regardless of their age, please give us a call as soon as possible. Because behavioral problems are very complex and require sufficient time for evaluation, please make our receptionists aware of your concerns so that they schedule sufficient time for a behavioral consult with one of our veterinarians.